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Scripting Your Joy

Why would you want to write anyway?  Perhaps you have an idea or a concept that you would like see come to fruition.  The chances of its success are more likely when one is able to write up their thoughts.  Or, maybe you have issue that you have struggled with for many years, unable to see any resolve, until you write it up and are able to put distance between you and your story, thus gaining renewed perspective.

The art of writing our first person stories is cathartic and comes from the heart.  The key lies in being able to let it ‘all hang out.’

Through writing, we are able to outline our lives in a tangible fashion that ultimately creates meaningful change for ourselves and by virtue of our actions, the world around us.  In fact, through the sheer process of writing we create and set the intention for our desires to manifest.  If we pause for a moment to think about it, this is why we make lists – for groceries, for ‘things to do,’ for gifts.

Universal Empress’ work is primarily non-fiction.  Living from a place of conscious awareness, most of her stories are born through her daily experiences.

In a workshop entitled Scripting your joy, Universal Empress provides practical tools that will enable you to:

  • Ground and center yourself so that your writing reflects your authenticity and unique voice
  • Recognize and develop your writing style
  • Harness strong emotions so that they give power to your written words
  • Sharing a story vs. telling a story
  • Pay attention to your dreams and channel their energies into your conscious writing
  • Employ the use of digital media in publicizing your stories

With these tools, participants invoke the process of healing and transformation in their lives.  One may even discover their passion for writing and may be moved to share their stories with others – for example by blogging.  We never know the impact that our stories may have in creating a shift for another person; i.e., what is termed the ‘rippling effect.’

Workshops can be arranged on location or via electronic means using Skype.  For further details and costs please fill in below:

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