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Beginning my mornings with the backdrop of New Zealand’s landscape and the serene voice of Nadine as she guided me through my yoga practice was a wholesome experience.

Nadine was the catalyst that helped me make my connection with Yoga. Her personal aura and energy is calm and grounding , her ability to align your mind and body in her practice was refreshing. Her knowledge and understanding provided me with greater depth . She was unique in her methods and since my initial sessions with her I have grown to develop and further my practice in yoga and meditation.

All I can say is thank you for sharing and for opening my eyes to see within me :)


– Shantini Iyngkaran, Melbourne, Lawyer/ Wellbeing Trainer

I long ago realized that writing anything, even a simple one line quote, becomes an anything comparable to a work of art. It could be a great work of art or a not so great work of art – that will be for the reader to decide. Whatever the decision though, it is true that the work of art will be interpreted subjectively by each and every reader. It was perhaps this single fact that had always intimidated me about writing and for years and years prevented me from sharing my writing with the world.

However, if you are born to write and share what you write with the world then that is what you were born to do and sooner or later, whatever it is that holds you back will be released.

I found my great release when I met Nadine McNeil and took her workshop, ‘Scripting Your Joy.’ Through her guidance and instruction, something, some fearful little nitty gritty thing inside me vanished and since then, I have written well over 170 articles, published 2 E-books and shared it all with the world!!! And who knows?! I may one day even share the first book I wrote during my 10 day silent meditation retreat. In the meantime, I continue to cultivate the habit of writing as Nadine taught me and continue to let the art take care of itself from there.

– Shevy Cardoza, http://waystoselflove.com/

In 2009 at a course called Be The Change in Taupo New Zealand, I had the pleasure of meeting Nadine McNeil. At once, I realized she has the spirit of an old soul who has seen many lifetimes in an amazingly young, fit, spiritual and loving body. When she invited me to early morning yoga, I eagerly accepted – I wanted some of what Nadine had and would get up early to learn from the master!

Since I was a beginner with yoga, Nadine’s instructions were perfect for me to learn: not too technical but challenging enough for a good workout.  I use the meditation and breathing techniques to this day whenever I feel I need to be grounded and focused.

I follow Nadine on Facebook and watch as she instructs others around the world. I am grateful to have known Nadine and when our paths cross again, I’m sure there will be more yoga and peacefulness in the early morning hours.

Namaste Nadine!

Love you,

– Jenny Flynn, Land Banker, San Diego

I had the pleasure of meeting Nadine and experiencing her incredible yoga classes during a volunteer mission trip to Haiti last year. Nadine’s wisdom and calm approach in her teaching methods really helped me to experience the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga. I was impressed with Nadine’s ability to feel the mood of our group as she adjusted the lesson and suggestions to fit what we were feeling physically or emotionally at the time. At the end of class I felt calm, centered and focused and looking forward to the next class! If I resided anywhere near Nadine I would regularly attend her yoga classes.

– Niki Partney, Senior Mechanical Designer, St. Louis, Missouri

I discovered yoga in early 2010.  I was about to go to Haiti shortly after the earthquake.  Nadine’s early morning yoga was the highlight of the preparation  for my trip:  while it helped me stay grounded and focused, it also lifted my overall perspective.  It made me feel one with my surroundings while it stressed the boundaries of myself within my surroundings.  For me yoga is very much an individual experience that needs to be practiced in a group to get the most out of it.  Nadine helped me find the right balance.

-Joseph Fons

Nadine’s belief and commitment to yoga as an instrument for transformation is apparent the first time you study with her. Her positive energy and enthusiasm to share her knowledge offered a challenging yet safe environment for students of all levels to explore their personal limits and grow their practice.  It was during my week studying yoga with Nadine that I first clearly saw the powerful impact yoga could have on my daily life, and it is greatly due to Nadine that I have continued to seek yoga as a regular vehicle for better self awareness and well-being.

– Libby Wann

Nadine has a presence about her that leaves you inspired and grateful.  She has a beautiful heart and desire to see the world transformed. As a facilitator and presenter for Be the Change she brought unique knowledge and understanding of our world to our participants.  If you ever have to opportunity to spend some time with her then go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

– Colin Salisbury, GVN Founder and President. Wellington, New Zealand

When I am on the mat with Nadine McNeil I feel safe and boundless. She has a wonderful ability to create a nurturing space that allows me to completely let go and journey deep. I always leave the mat feeling more connected to myself, more connected to others, and more connected to the earth.
With gratitude…
– Lauren McMahon, Communications Manager, Global Volunteer Network, Wellington, New Zealand